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In a steep, raw territory caught between the breezes of the Mediterranean Sea and fresh air of the Italian Alps is where the story of Sorì della Sorba begins.

This site, among the hillsides of Piemonte, hosts an incredible biodiversity of wild flowers, native grasses, wildlife and an expansive truffle forest that infuses its beautiful microflora throughout our estate. Rooted in ancient limestone soils mixed with clay, sand and rock this site allows for wine of incredible expression, structure, vibrancy and elegance.

Our farming is meant to be in unison with nature, the cosmos and life. We believe in this balance and have developed a cross between permaculture and biodynamic farming practises to best honor this site in wine. 

In the cellar our goal is to capture these delicate notes from this unique site in our wines. We do this by using native whole cluster fermentations, relying only on the native yeasts that naturally exist on the grapes giving us a deeper connection to our site and its microflora. After fermentation our wines are gently pressed and aged in large Slavonian Oak Botti. Once we feel the wines are ready, they are then bottled without fining or filtration to keep these pure, delicate notes intact.

We want to thank you for your interest in our wines and for joining our journey of this beautiful estate.

We look forward to sharing our wines with you.

Carlo Mondavi & Giovanna Bagnasco


Our Vineyard - Sorì della Sorba

Sori translates to “Cru” – the highest, best exposed vineyard, where the sun is strongest and the snow melts first. Our Sorì della Sorba vineyard is a south-facing amphitheater, where an expansive oak   forest   full   of   native trees, flowers, and animals surround the vineyard. Just 3.7 hectares are planted to local varieties – nebbiolo, dolcetto and barbera – with plantings dating as far back as the 1950s.

Both of us multi-generation winegrowers, we share the same respect for agriculture, and love of site-driven wines. This unique site in farmed in unison with nature through permaculture and biodynamic practices, as we strive to elevate the vineyard to its fullest potential and ultimately yielding wines that are respectful of place and can sit alongside the best of the world.

The wines

Our goal is to share the story of this site through two unique bottlings. One represents the purest expression of Nebbiolo from our vineyard, and the other, a blend of the different Piedmontese varieties planted here, captures the estate as a whole.

Our story

Our story begins with our love and family tradition of wine. Carlo Mondavi is a fourth-generation winegrower who has dedicated the last decade to farming Sonoma Coast pinot noir alongside his brother, and has become a leading voice in the industry for permaculture, biodynamic and organic farming practices in California.

Giovanna Bagnasco and her family, based in the iconic region of Barolo, are experts in Nebbiolo, similar to pinot noir in its ability to transparently express site, and are leaders in the region for beyond organic farming practices.

Sori della Sorba’s inaugural 2019 release comes on the 100th anniversary of the Mondavi family making wine in   California   and   represents   Carlo’s return to Italy after four generations.

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